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Tube Installation Tools from Sunex Engineers :


Sunex has the tube installation tools you need to get the job done. From tube gauges to tube pilots to tube end facers and more.

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Tube Expanders :
As the original tube tool company, sunex invented and perfected the tube expander. Sunex manufactures tube expanders for many applications including condensers, chillers, heat exchangers, fire tube and water tube boilers, and sugar vacuum pans. Sunex tube expanders and rolling motors are the perfect pair for your tube rolling job

Tube Rolling Motors :
Sunex has a full line of tube rolling equipment to suit your application needs.

Tube Expanding Electric Drive:
Sunex has electric tube rolling motors that work powerfully to expand tubes in the most demanding applications. To help eliminate the over or under rolling of tubes, Electric Torque Controller is recommended for use with electric tube rolling motors

Tube Sheet Hole Brushes
Sunex Tube Sheet Hole Brushes clean and remove hard deposits from tube sheets and support plate holes in surface condensers and heat exchangers

Grooving (Serrating) Tools
Sunex GT Series Grooving Tools, also known as Serrating Tools, can be used manually to clean up existing grooves or can be used in Tube sheet. Sunex also have NW series grooving tool.

Tube End Facing or Chamfering Tool
Sunex  Tube End Facing Tool is the best way to face, chamfer, profile, and trim tubes in firetube and watertube boilers.

Tube End Facers
Sunex TEF Series Tube End Facers are ideal for trimming heat exchanger, condenser, and chiller tubes to a specific tube projection after tube expansion.

Tube Pilots/Guides
Sunex Tube Guides are used to pilot replacement tubes through tube sheets and tube support plates

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