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Tube Removal Tools from Sunex Engineers :


Condenser /Heat exchanger or Boiler Tube removal is a process that involves cutting tubes, pulling out tubes and tube stubs, and even knocking tubes out of the vessel. For all your tube removal needs ranging from tube cutters to tube tuggers to pneumatic hammers.

Tube removal Tools

1 . One-Revolution Tube Cutter :

Sunex One-Revolution Tube Cutters cut tubes quickly in both heat exchangers and boilers.

2. PTTC Series Tube Cutter :

Sunex PTTC (Push Type Tube Cutter) Series Cutters accommodate heat exchangers and boilers with tube OD sizes 0.625”to 2.500”(15.9 to 63.5mm)

3. Tube Drift and Collapsing Tool:

Sunex Tube drift and collapsing tools are quickly remove tube stubs from tube sheet.

4. Tube Wall reducer

Sunex wall reducer reduces the wall of expanded tube to facilitate Removal of tube from tube Sheet

5. Manual Tube Puller : 

Sunex Manual Tube Puller is ideal for pulling a limited number of tubes in heat exchangers, chillers, fin fan coolers.

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